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John Quinn

Ceramic Artist


Welcome to my website! I am a Ceramic Artist from Limerick City in Ireland.My work is made from a variety of stoneware clays and Porcelain.Each piece is Slab built and High fired.

I use a number of different decorating techniques including hand painting body stains,oxides & Slips and then either Dipping, hand painting or Spraying on a glaze depending on the finish i want to achieve.

Most of my work is inspired by Architecture both Urban and Rural, as well as ships. I use Buildings to represent people in a number of settings whether it be crammed into a city or balanced precariously on board a vessel.

All of my work is for sale .You can send me an email on my contact page & i will get back to you ASAP with Prices.

I am also happy to discuss commissions if you have a particular idea in mind feel free to get in touch.

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